Doepfer MTC64 MIDI to Contact/Gate Interfaceboard + PSU

MTC64 is an universal MIDI interface that converts up to 64 succeeding MIDI note on/off or program change messages into 64 TTL voltages (0/+5V). The TTL outputs of the MTC64 can be used to control different switching functions. With suitable drivers (e.g. switching transistors) relays, lamps, motors, electromagnets, magnetic valves and so on can be controlled. A suitable driver board with 16 outputs (max. load 40V/500mA for each output) is available as option. Four of these boards are required to drive all 64 outputs of the MTC64. If you want to built your own driver board you will find a suitable driver circuit in our FAQ. For small loads (less than 5mA @ 5V, e.g.LEDs or high-impedance reed relays) the additional drivers may not be necessary.

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