MacBeth Studio Systems X-series Dual Oscillator

Introducing the MacBeth 3U size X-Series Modular Synthesizer! These are basically the same circuits as the 5U modules that I am working on... They retain the same bold sound of the 5U modules but come in a more compact size which is preferable to some users. The design philosophy is the the same throughout all my products- to provide the vintage analogue soundusing as many parts still available now from that golden age. From an engineering point of view,this is not neccesarily the cheapest way to manufacture these days but sonically, I think that it is worth it. I am using thru-hole components- half watt carbon resistors, ceramic and mylar capacitors and where ever possible I'm using all transistor circuit equivalents to the opamp or opamp/transistor based circuits. So there is no surface mount parts used within these designs...

imgage dualosc1(s).jpg

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