Doepfer CTM64 Relay Board

The CTM Relay Board is an expansion board for the universal MIDI control electronics CTMC64. The reason for this this additional board is the limited cable length between CTM64 main board and the contacts (max. about 50 cm / 2 ft). By means of the relay board the cable length can be extended to 100m/300ft and even more.
The working principle is very simple: The relay board is equipped with 16 reed relays that can be switched via very long cables. The relay board is placed near the CTM64 main board and the contacts inside the relays are the new contacts for the CTM64 main board. Thus the cable length between the contacts and the CTM64 main board is less than 50cm but the cables used to switch the relay can be much longer. For each
relay a screw terminal is available to connect a simple 2 pin cable with the controlling contact on the other side (e.g. a momentary or toggle switch). The relay board is operated with a separate power supply to obtain a complete galvanic separation between the relays and the CTM64 main board.

imgage CTM_relay_medium.jpg

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