Doepfer R2M MIDI Ribbon Controller set, Controllerbox+Manual Pression Sensor (Version 2) + PSU

R2M is a ribbon controller that generates control signals by moving the finger on the ribbon manual. The output signals are generated as Midi and CV/Gate control voltages simultaneously. Consequently R2M allows to control both Midi and CV/Gate based equipment (e.g. analog synthesizers or analog modular systems). R2M is the abbreviation for Ribbon to (2) MIDI.
R2M is made of two parts: the manual and the control box. For the manual the same type as the for the modular version
A-198 is used. It includes a 50 cm position sensor and a pressure sensor. The control box converts the data coming from the manual (finger position and pressure) into the corresponding Midi data resp. CV/Gate voltages. The control box is available even without manual to make use of an already existing A-198 manual and take advantage of the additional features of the R2M control unit compared to the comparatively simple A-198.

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