Doepfer A-164-1 Manual Gate

Module A-164-1 is equipped with 3 push buttons that are used to generate three separate manual gate signals (i.e. ~ +12V voltage output while button is operated, 0V when released). The gate number (1, 2, 3) is milled into the caps and white inked. Gate 1 is a bit different: provided that no plug is connected to the input socket it behaves like the other two manual gates (the socket is normalled to +12V via a protection resistor). If a control signal (e.g. rectangle output of an LFO) is fed into the input socket the gate button 1 is working as a momentary on/off switch that is used to turn the signal on/off that appears at the two output sockets (kind of mute function). Each Gate output has two sockets available (miniature multiple).

imgage doepfer_a164.jpg

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