Doepfer A-147 VC-LFO

Module A-147 (VCLFO) is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator, which can produce cyclical control voltages over a frequency range of about 50Hz to 1 minute periode time (i.e. about 0.015 Hz) with the manual control. Using an external control voltage the max. frequency is about 150Hz. The VCLFO can be patched as a modulation source similar to the other LFOs A-145 and A-146 for a wide range of modules (for instance, modulation of VCO pulse-width or frequency, VCF cut-off frequency, VCA amplitude modulation) and as a provider of repetitive or clock voltages (for instance to drive the A-161 clock sequencer). In contrast to A-145 and A-146 the frequency of the A-147 is voltage controlled.

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